The Independent Selection Committee (ISC) is a group of military veterans that decide which Nominees are inducted into the Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame (GMVHOF) each year.

This committee is made of individuals appointed by the GMVHOF Board of Directors (BOD) to represent them in the selection process. Each BOD Member appoints one military veteran to the ISC. Only the GMVHOF Secretary knows each member of this “secret” committee. The ISC members do not know each other, never meet as a group, never communicate with each other in any manner, and must not reveal the fact that they serve on the ISC. This insures a totally un-biased, un-influenced, “blind”, and fair process. Each ISC Member knows only his or her BOD Member. 

All communication between the Secretary and the ISC is done by computer or telephone, individually. The ISC never consult their BOD representative about the selection process. The Secretary will provide each ISC member the same information on each Nominee. That information is restricted to the nomination write up. They do not receive a picture nor any gender or race information other than the person’s name.  

The ISC Members are given a rating sheet on each Nominee. When the rating has been completed, the sheets are sent to the Secretary for review for correctness in points awarded. 

Once this process has played out, an official announcement will be made as to who has been selected for induction.