The Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame (GMVHOF) – Mission Statement: “The Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame exists only to Honor Georgia Veterans and to Educate Georgia Youth and Citizens about real Heroes.”


The GMVHOF is an organization that is:

– Georgia Military Veteran Focused

– Not in receipt of any government financial support: No tax money from any source is sought or accepted.

– Non-Profit: IRS approved 501 (c) (3) / IRS ID # 46-2025738

– State of Georgia Recognized, Authorized, and Approved:

                Georgia Secretary of State – Approved – 20 February 2013               

                Georgia Senate – Resolution – 22 March 2013

                Georgia House of Representatives – Resolution – 18 February 2015


– A “Veteran” is one that possesses an Honorable Discharge and a DD Form 214 from the active or reserve component of the     

  US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.

– A “Georgia Veteran” is one that was either Born in Georgia, or Entered the military in Georgia, or Lived in Georgia for at least  

  ten years.

– A Georgia Veteran, alive or deceased, may be nominated in one of the following three categories:

VALOR – Heroic action(s) in combat for which an award(s) for heroism was awarded

ACHIEVEMENT – Significant contribution to the well-being of the military while in service

SERVICE – Significant contribution to the local community, state, or nation after leaving the military


The GMVHOF Annual Induction Ceremony and Banquet is held each year in November at which time approximately 15 Georgia Veterans are inducted. Since 2013, 83 Georgia Veterans have been inducted: 18-’13 / 16-’14 / 15-’15 / 17-’16 / 17-‘17  


The physical location of the GMVHOF, with the citations and photos of 83 Georgia Veterans (to date), is located on the Plaza and Balcony Lobby levels of the Floyd Veterans Memorial Building (Twin Towers), 2 Martin Luther King Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA 30034. The Floyd Building is across the street from the Georgia State Capital Building. 


Nomination Packets: The GMVHOF can accept Nomination Packets through COB of the last Friday in August for the Induction Ceremony to be held in November of that year. Once it has been determined that the Nomination Packets are complete, only the Cover Letters are electronically forwarded to an Independent Selection Committee (ISC). The ISC members do not know each other, never meet as group, never communicate with each other in any manner, and must not reveal the fact that they serve on the ISC. This insures a totally un-biased, un-influenced, “blind”, and fair process. All packets are automatically considered for up to three consecutive years with no additional effort required after initial submission. Mail Nomination Packets to: Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame, PO Box 475, Pine Mountain, GA 31822.   

Donations: All donations that are received by the GMVHOF are used only to honor Veterans. Donations of any amount will generate a receipt to the Donor as long as their contact information is provided. All donations are tax deductible (IRS ID # 46-2025738). Donations may be mailed to: Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame, PO Box 475, Pine Mountain, GA 31822.  .


For additional information and / or questions go to the GMVHOF website (http://www.GMVHOF.org) or contact:

GMVHOF Founder & Director: Paul Longgrear / Email: PaulLonggrear@yahoo.com / Cell: 706-302-2220

GMVHOF Co-Director & Chairman of the Board: Rick White / Email: rickwhite4750@gmail.com / Cell: 678-427-0915

Timeline for each year:

– Each year, the last Friday in August is the Final Cutoff Date for that year’s Nomination Packets to the GMVHOF.

– Each year, the first Saturday in November is the Annual GMVHOF Induction Ceremony & Banquet in Columbus, GA.

For 2018: The Sixth Annual Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Banquet will be held in Columbus, GA on Saturday, 3 November 2018 beginning at 6 PM in the Saint Luke Ministry Center (301 11th St.). This annual event is open to the public. Prices: Individual – $55; Table of Eight (8) – $400; Table of Nine (9) $450; Table of Ten (10) – $500. Reservations or Donations may be made through PayPal at: http://www.GMVHOF.org or by mailing a check to: Georgia Military Veterans’ Hall of Fame, PO Box 475, Pine Mountain, GA 31822 and/or by calling Colonel (Ret) Paul Longgrear @ C: 706-302-2220 or H: 706-663-7004.